Module 1

Introduction to Print - Basics of Popular Print Products

Total Module Time: 51min 31sec


Business Cards

Lesson Time: 5:36min

All about the powerful Business Card.


Flyers & Brochures

Lesson Time: 7:12min

All about the flexible Flyer & Brochure.


Postcards & Direct Mail

Lesson Time: 9:38min

All about the versatile Postcard.


Majestic Products

Lesson Time: 5:33

The basics about our Majestic product line.



Lesson Time: 7:48min

All about the crucial Stationery Product category.


Large Format

Lesson Time: 12:02min

The basics about our Large Format product line.


Module 1 Summary

Lesson Time: 3:42min

Review what you've learned for Module 1.

Module 2

How to Order Print - Steps to prepare your files and submit your orders

Total Module Time: 22min 43sec


The Life of a 4over Order

Lesson Time: 1:48min

A sneak peak at your orders full production cycle.


Color Space

Lesson Time: 2:04min

Learn the difference between CMYK and RGB.


File Prep Requirements

Lesson Time: 5:33min

All you need to know on how to make your artwork Print Ready.


Website Overview

Lesson Time: 3:10min

Learn to navigate our 4over website.


Ordering a Business Card

Lesson Time: 2:12min

How to order a business cards.


Ordering a Banner

Lesson Time: 1:33min

How to order a banner.


Ordering Direct Mail

Lesson Time: 2:28min

How to place a Direct Mail order.


Ordering EDDM Full Service

Lesson Time: 3:42min

How to place an EDDM Full Service order.


Module 2 Summary

Lesson Time: 4:05min

Review what you've learned for Module 2.

Module 3

The Language of Print - Understanding Substrates and Advanced Print

Total Module Time: 39min 34sec


The Language of Print

Lesson Time: 7:24min

A deeper look at Print and Terminology.


Creating a Mask File

Lesson Time: 3:36min

The why and how on Creating a Mask File.


Setting up a Booklet, Catalog, and Calendar Orders

Lesson Time: 6:10min

All about setting up Booklets, Catalogs and Calendar orders.


Specialty Marketing

Lesson Time: 11:43min

Taking out the mystery from Specialty Marketing products.


Stickers, Labels, and Packaging

Lesson Time: 6:36min

Unlocking Stickers, Labels, and Packaging products.


Printer Bridge

Lesson Time: 8:23min

Learn all about Printer Bridge, our white label, e-commerce solution.


Module 3 Summary

Lesson Time: 4:05min

Review what you've learned for Module 3.

Module 4

How to Profit from Selling Print - Tips to be Profitable

Total Module Time: 15min 58sec


Selling Print is Different

Lesson Time: 3:00min

How to approach your customers and make more Print sales.


Talking about Options

Lesson Time: 3:18min

Learn how to ask the right questions and put together a great Print offering.


Selling Finishes as a Differentiator

Lesson Time: 3:12min

Learn about finishing options that give you a leg up over the competition.


Upsell Enhancements for Profit

Lesson Time: 3:18min

How to upsell Print and make your profits soar.


Cross-selling Promo and Print with Bundles

Lesson Time: 3:10min

Learn to cross-sell your Promotional product offering with Print.

As one of North America’s largest trade-only printers and a trusted source for print fulfillment since 2001, 4over helps print, design, and other creative services resellers grow profitable businesses. We do this by offering a vast selection of quality print products at guaranteed trade-only prices. Our expansive e-commerce catalog includes everything from standard marketing collateral like business cards and brochures, to harder-to-find specialty, large format, and promotional products.

Our capabilities span gang run offset, digital, grand format, and promotional printing across six production facilities, staffed by experienced, committed operations teams. With locations across North America, state-of-the-art equipment such as powerful Incas and Scodix UV machines, and fast turnarounds, 4over offers our customers savings, selection, and scale. We serve large franchise printers, single print shops, print brokers, graphic designers, photographers, and every type of print reseller in between. Learn more at

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